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Light Forms Life
Light is essential to all life functions. Artificial light allows us to control all aspects of human activity.  Light and shade are essential components of our everyd
ay life. They impact our mood and well-being. Competently chosen lighting makes our actions defined and precise. Light can set the direction of sight, extend the time of operation after dark, create a cosy setting for relaxation or increase efficiency at work thanks to right intensities and colour temperature. Light is therefore a key factor in stimulating both effective work and relaxation. Light brings matter out of the dark. Light causes shadows and gives three-dimensionality to a form. Light creates sensation in our environments. Light defines space.
AQForm invite you on a journey on which we will explore what modern lighting can do for you. Let’s the fun begin!

Stunning AQForm wall lights
AQForm ceiling lights

Passion for Light


AQForm  is an award-winning Polish brand of modern contemporary lighting fixtures with emotional appeal. AQForm offers refined lighting dedicated to private interiors as well as specialized solutions to commercial spaces. The knowledge and experience of our employees, as well as the extensive machinery park, allow us to maintain high production flexibility. 

AQForm glass pendant lights
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