In Bover, we have been working for years with the idea of contributing to the improvement of space; trying to solve the lighting needs in the most natural way that, as users, we consider being the most relevant.

We are interested in the constant search for timelessness as a concept and at the same time, we try to maintain a balance between trends and the material culture that
surrounds and influences us. That soft and discreet line
that separates and positions us in front of the others
and makes us feel different when we enter our homes,
our favourite spaces. In short, in our world.

The contrast, the order, the beauty, the light, the culture that feeds us without us realising it, the elegance that is
not seen, but is felt; are principles and attitudes that we
choose and that transmit our ideas, our way of seeing
and feeling the life that surrounds us.

At Bover we like to grow, we like to know that we
are capable of submitting ourselves to numerous
considerations that help us to improve our work and,
consequently, our environment.

We understand quality as a fundamental part of a good design and we are happy, yes, happy, when we realise that we are able to combine artisan methods of production with advanced technologies. We are particularly proud to continue to carry out part of our work manually because working artistically is also a way to pay homage to the memory of things that have always been close.

Thinking, analysing, designing products that give us a sense of being stopped in time and that we become soft, comfortable and organic forms; it brings us that dreamed freedom that understands beauty as a spontaneous breath of fresh air.


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