In order to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction, we go through multiple complex procedures to be certain that any luminaires provided to you - the client - is located in the best possible environment given the circumstances, because of course, no two projects are alike!


An example of the start-to-finish process for a Residential Job:​

We use multiple different kinds of software to provide perfect calculations and utmost realism to whoever is viewing the visualisations for the area that is in question.


Working directly with architects, we ensure that all building dimensions are accurate prior to starting any design work, using CAD drawings to double check that all luminaires and control systems would be able to fit effectively within the allocated space (regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors) keeping the aesthetic qualities in mind, in an attempt to impress the customer.


A comprehensive list of the type of luminaires, their quantities and locations relative to the building plan is always kept to ensure lighting designers, architects, builders and clients all have the same list of lighting fixtures which are to be implemented - potentially avoiding any confusion through miscommunication.

Following initial 2D design, our services come with the ability to completely model the project in a 3D virtual environment which accurately mimics lighting conditions (with simulated time to replicate dawn, midday, and dusk) to be able to precisely understand how that given light fixture is going to affect the space around it.


These visualisations are carefully put together in an attempt to create unparallel realism, producing the project area using only existing information to help show the client how the area is going to look before even a single brick is laid down.


Compare the 3D Render with the Actual Photo below:

In addition to being able to provide full 3D renders, we can also create a fully immersive Virtual Reality world with implemented features to allow the user to explore and interact and explore the rooms and the luminaires within them to experience the realism as if they are standing there for real.

For more information regarding our VR services, please visit:


We will always provide a detailed quotation for any Lighting design and specification service. This will depend upon your scope and induvial requirements of the project.


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