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The FyloKZ recessed profile is a modern and sleek lighting solution offered by Kazzar Lighting and Controls. The profile is designed to be installed into a recessed groove or channel, creating a seamless and flush appearance within ceilings, walls or floors.


The FyloKZ profile is made of high-quality aluminium and comes in a variety of lengths to accommodate various installation requirements. The profile can be customised with different LED strip lighting options, including colour temperature and brightness levels. The LED lights are energy-efficient and provide long-lasting performance.


One of the unique features of the FyloKZ recessed profile is its compatibility with Kazzar Lighting and Controls advanced control systems. The profile can be integrated with Kazzar Lighting and Control smart lighting systems, allowing users to easily adjust lighting settings using a mobile app or voice commands.


Overall, the FyloKZ recessed profile is a stylish and practical lighting solution that offers both functionality and aesthetics. It is a popular choice for modern homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

FyloKZ Profile

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