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300W Retrofit Universal Dimmer


Able to dim loads of up to 300VA, the CRD300 is well suited to providing Casambi dimming to large chandeliers or other large mains dimmable circuits. The digital leading and trailing edge phase dimmer has automatic load detection and advanced adaptive dimming for 1 dimmed phase with one connected load 3-300VA. Installation is intended in flush-mounted back boxes.


  • 300VA Retrofit-Universal-Dimmer
  • Advanced Adaptive Dimming
  • Control with Casambi and Push Button
  • Load no. indicator
  • Zero load dimming
  • Soft-Off
  • Fadetime
  • R,L,C including LED Retrofit

MAINTRONIC CRD300 - 300W Retrofit Universal Dimmer

  • Power supply: 220 ... 240V AC 50/60Hz

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