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A voice gateway for CASAMBI Ready equipped luminaires and systems.


The visually appealing small smart XMOMENT Hub connects to your WiFi and the CASAMBI Mesh network. No wiring or installation required, plug in the power supply and use the XMOMENT app from the Apple or Android Store to make the settings. With your smartphone or tablet, you can easily save and control your individual voice commands via Alexa.


With the XMOMENT, you can switch lights on and off, adjust the brightness, and call up pre-set light scenes. This allows for greater convenience and ease of use in controlling the lighting in your home. Additionally, the device can be integrated with Alexa, which allows you to use voice commands to control your lights through the Alexa voice assistant.

XMOMENT - Voice Control

  • Easy Installation

    • No network cables or comples installtion
    • Plug in a 5V charger (e.g. mobile phone charger) and configure the XMOMENT app via Andriod and IOS


    Up to 20 individual voice commands

    • Up to 20 voice comands can  stored with the XMOMENT (depedning on model purchased)
    • Colours, dimming levels and individual luminaires can be controlled


    Groups and Scenes

    • Control of entire lighting groups
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