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A retailer needs to cover number of elements to provide best shopping experience to customers. How best to display your products, where products should go, how the general layout of your store should look and much more.


What about lighting design? In common lighting comes as an afterthought for many projects even though lighting has the most impact on how the space appears including the display of products. Good lighting can impact your sales, overall customer experience and emphasise your overall brand statutes.

It is important to create a lighting strategy that works for your store and products. This will need to use various lighting techniques including controls. Balancing general lighting with accent lighting to focus attention on specific items or areas, creating sparkle and excitement but avoiding glare. This all achieved by using high quality and energy efficient products.

At KAZZAR Lighting we work closely with you to produce a lighting strategy that creates correct atmosphere and in overall strengthens your brand. We provide a complete retail lighting solution from design to supply and once installed we will aim light fixtures to ensure that designed effect is achieved and programme the controls for various scenes.

If required, we can provide a complete 3D VR experience of your retail space before any work on site is commissioned. This will demonstrate how the space and products will appear under different lighting effects. Demonstrate how the proposed interior materials interact with layers of light patterns, colour temperatures and intensity. This will cut out the cost and time associated with setting up trial stores or retail spaces.

All lighting solutions are produced by qualified lighting designers who have over 15 years of experience in retail lighting. We are only call away to discuss your project requirements in detail please give us a call on 0208 090 1413 or email


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For full range of retail products and lighting design services please call us on 0208 090 1413


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