CoeLux® Sun & Sky

Imagine having a window with a view of sun and clear blue sky where ever you wanted. What sounds like science fiction is now real thanks to CoeLux®, the worlds only true artificial sun and sky system. 

Using Nano-technology and uniquely designed optics, the CoeLux® Nano-tech window delivers you a real experience of being under a Mediterranean sky and sun. The benefits of being in a day lit environment are numerous, this is the technology that delivers true Human-centric lighting for living and work.


Below you will see the different system on offer starting from the big window full sky and sun experience to the newly launched compact models that deliver the same quality lit environment.


The original CoeLux® is an artificial day light system using unique optics and Nano-technology to artificially reproduce the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky. The sensation of infinite space above the window looking into the clear blue sky provides a real feel of comfort while the space is bathed in daylight. For information on how the system works, here is a video feature from EURO News 24 discussing the revolutionary breakthrough:

CoeLux® 45HC

For lovers of the Mediterranean basin there is CoeLux® 45 HC, a skylight featuring a 45-degree sun beam that offers an equal balance of light and shade, thus enhancing the shapes and volumes that have flourished in outdoor architecture in the past. The CoeLux® 45 HC is the biggest optical system by CoeLux®, reproducing the natural light and visual appearance of the sky and the sun through a ca 1.5 - quare meter window. This product offers a breakthrough opportunity for indoor architecture by creating the sensation of infinite space. The CoeLux® 45 HC is designed for ceiling installation.

CoeLux® 45LC

The CoeLux® 45 LC is the smallest option amongst CoeLux® optical system artificially reproducing the natural light and visual ppearance of the sky and the sun through a ca 0.5 - square meter window with a break through opportunity for indoor architecture by creating the sensation of infinite space. The CoeLux® 45 LC is designed for ceiling installation. The smallest size of the product allows installations in lower ceiling spaces compared to the CoeLux® 45 HC.

CoeLux® 45 SQUARE

The CoeLux® 45 SQUARE is designed for an area with a ceiling as low as 2.7 meters or below, and it offers the opportunity to be installed on the wall creating a make-believe square window with an area of ca 1 square meter, artificially recreating natural light and a view of the sky and the sun, creating the sensation of infinite space. The CoeLux® 45 SQUARE is designed for wall installation.

CoeLux® 60HC

For those who prefer the more dramatic effect of tropical light, CoeLux® 60 offers an additional solution for a skylight featuring a more vertical sunlight, which guarantees the minimum level of glare. CoeLux® 60 features a ca 1.2 - square meter window with a spotlight-effect beam projected on the floor rather than the wall. The CoeLux® 60 is designed for ceiling installation.

NEW!! CoeLux® ST– Compact Artificial Window

Whilst the CoeLux® 45 and 60 series brings you an uncompromising experience of being under a sun and sky, with a clear view of the infinite sky and a Sun that beams down on you. The new CoeLux® St range brings you the same effect and impression of being under the sun and sky, but with a smaller and lighter body. The CoeLux® ST range gives the occupant a view of the blue sky above the smaller aperture window with the impression of a sun penetrating through and interacting with the unique louvres which are finished with unique reflective materials which reflect the sunlight into the space below.

Currently there are three models of the ST available 1st Quarter 2017


“CoeLux® ST TIVANO – also available in two different versions – offers a reflected view of the light of the sun whose image appears fragmented. As you walk under the window, you will notice that the trail of light constantly follows you, just like if you were walking by the lake or the sea looking at the reflection of the sun in the water. The main feature of TIVANO is maintaining the component of the sun and the sky separated in the reflection process. This way, the lit room is rich in chromatic contrasts and brightness as if it was natural light made up of the warm direct light of the sun that lights up the side walls, and of the blue light of the sky that colours the shadows, offering depth and perspective to the space.”


“CoeLux® ST NAOS, available in two different versions, offers an artificial window made up of various glimpses of sky, each of which set in its own white cell of light.

Despite the remarkable chromatic contrast produced by the light of the sky and of the sun on the cell system, this device delivers utterly uniform light in the room thanks to the perfect blend of the two elements bouncing light among the cells.”


“CoeLux® ST IBLA offers an artificial window featuring a clear opening to the sky without any element in the way, despite being positioned at the bottom of a deep well of light. Like NAOS, the contrast between sky and sun lies inside the well itself which produces utterly uniform lighting in the room.”

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