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Phos is an award-winning British architectural lighting manufacturer
Phos believe that lighting and architecture should work in complete harmony to evoke emotion and impact any space. Light enhances the beauty of a project and should be felt and not seen. Phos use this principle to help redefine how to manufacture luminaires, striving to create the smallest and most powerful lights relative to size, in the world. This ambition has helped Phos to produce our beautifully engineered lighting instruments, securing over 14 patents worldwide.

Phos place a lot of emphasis on the provenance of our materials, which are all locally procured, machined and assembled in the UK. Phos are fully in control of our supply chain, so any component they manufacture can be made out of any metal alloy and are all 100% recyclable.


Phos lighting
Phos interior lighting

Phos are light engineers

All Phos design aesthetics are available in a Nano, Standard and Maxi variant. These luminaires can all be fine-tuned both before and after installation. Easily interchangeable baffles, beam angles and post-optic accessories (up to 3 in one holder) can be added to every fixture. Every component Phos make is available in any metal alloy and in an unrivalled range of finishing options.

Phos downlight
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