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Circadian Lighting

Artificial lighting and control solutions to maintain healthy Circadian Rhythms and your wellbeing

What is Circadian Lighting?

Our bodies have internal clocks that govern our sleep-wake cycles, mood, and overall health. With the help of advanced LED lighting and smart controls, circadian lighting recreates the gentle ebb and flow of natural light throughout the day, offering support for these internal Circadian Rhythms.


Circadian Lighting can be a powerful ally in reducing the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), helping to brighten your mood during darker months.

How it works

How it works

Daytime Spectra Lighting
Daytime Spectra Lighting


Exposure to light during the day, particularly natural light, is indispensable for human well-being. The sunlight and skylight consist of the full visible spectrum, with a substantial dose of blue spectra. It is this abundance of blue light, coupled with the overall brightness, that acts as a catalyst, stimulating the human brain to trigger essential biochemical responses, keeping us awake, alert, and primed for active tasks. The quality of daylight, with its rich blue content, is a key to our vitality and productivity.

Evening Spectra Lighting
Evening Spectra Lighting


As the sun sets, its warm, golden hues transform the world around us. This shift in light quality, with reduced blue content, signals to our brains that it's time to transition into the restful phases of sleep. The soft, warm glow of sunset-inspired lighting creates an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, setting the stage for a peaceful night's rest.

Circadian Rhythms


Circadian Rhythms are all about timing. By harnessing the power of the latest tunable white LED lighting products paired with smart controls, we automate the precise shifting of light appearance over a 24-hour cycle. This seamless transformation happens in the background, ensuring that your lighting always aligns with the time of day. Plus, our system provides users with the flexibility to manually switch lights and set scene overrides, giving you ultimate control. Whether triggered by user input or sensors, our lighting solution responds to the specific needs of each moment, gracefully shifting as the day and night unfold.

Coelux 45


A Brighter, Healthier Lifestyle

Better Sleep

Experience improved sleep quality and wake up to easier mornings, all thanks to dynamic lighting adjustments that seamlessly replicate the changing daylight. With routine-based artificial sunrises that gently wake you up (perfect for those who despise alarm clocks!), and sunset modes that mimic the gradual fading of light and shifting colors to induce a peaceful night's sleep, Circadian Lighting transforms your sleep environment to support your natural sleep-wake cycle

Combat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder):

One of the significant contributors to SAD, often referred to as the 'winter blues,' is the reduced natural light exposure during the winter months, compounded by reliance on inadequate artificial lighting. When the brain doesn't receive the right light signals, it struggles to regulate hormonal release effectively for daytime alertness. Circadian Lighting emerges as a powerful ally in the fight against SAD, as it replicates the changing daylight patterns, enhancing your mood and overall well-being, particularly during the darker seasons.

Enhanced Alertness:

Experience heightened energy levels and enhanced focus throughout the day, all thanks to Circadian Lighting's precise calibration of light intensity and spectra that perfectly emulates natural daylight. By providing the right type of lighting at the right time, occupants will find themselves relying less on caffeine to stay alert and productive. This effect is achieved because the body receives the expected light cues, signaling that it's daytime and supporting improved recovery from more restful sleep. Circadian Lighting isn't just about illumination; it's a smart and holistic approach that harmonizes our environment with our biological rhythms, ensuring that you feel your best and most awake during daylight hours

Aid in Mental Wellness

Circadian Lighting plays a pivotal role in promoting mental wellness by creating a lighting environment that fosters emotional balance and overall mental health. With the combined benefits of healthier sleep patterns, increased mental alertness during the day, and a brighter mood, Circadian Lighting can contribute to reducing the risk and onset of mental diseases, including dementia.

Improved Productivity:

Circadian Lighting not only enhances mental well-being but also boosts productivity. By aligning lighting with natural circadian rhythms, individuals experience increased alertness, better focus, and higher energy levels during daytime hours. This improved cognitive function translates to higher productivity in work, study, or daily tasks. The right lighting cues provided by Circadian Lighting can help optimize performance and efficiency, making it an essential asset in both professional and personal settings.


Explore the Collection

Here you can see few examples of the circadian lamps

Case Studies



Home is where we prioritize our well-being and comfort. In today's multi-use home environments, which encompass everything from home offices to the necessity for a healthy sleep environment, Circadian Lighting enables you to live in sync with your body's natural clock.

In this showcased project, we utilized a combination of tunable white LED strips and Casambi-based lighting controls to recreate the sensation of daylight in areas with limited natural light penetration during the day.


Circadian Living and Kitchen Lighting
Basement hotel circadian window


Imagine crafting a room environment where guests experience the perfect wind-down and wake-up moments. This is made possible by innovative LED-based artificial daylight that expertly mimics natural light cycles and quality.

Utilizing our circadian lighting solutions, hotels can transform previously unused spaces into rentable areas. More than just lighting, this solution creates an environment meticulously tailored for guests to enjoy a high-quality sleep and wake cycle.

With advanced controls, guests can personalize their sleep and wake-up times. These settings initiate a simulated sunset and sunrise, aligning seamlessly with the human body's natural rhythms.


This office space is enhanced with advanced circadian lighting, seamlessly blending tunable white lighting and artificial daylight. Adaptive lighting, not only replicates natural light cycles but also optimizes the working environment. By harnessing the benefits of tunable lighting, we aim to boost attention, enhance productivity, and create a more invigorating workspace for all occupants.

Kazzar Office Circadian Lighting
Product Solutions



Our Circadian Lighting collection

From simple tunable white lighting to full-blown artificial daylighting products, we have the right product for you and your budget.


Casambi Controls

True Circadian Lighting is dynamic and automated to follow the natural rhythms of nature and under pinning this is lighting control. Introducing Casambi...

The Kazzar Showroom Display

If you would like to experience Circadian Lighting first hand, feel free to book an appointment to see the Kazzar demo space. We are based in Bourne End, South Bucks.  Here you will get to see some of the latest in LED lighting technologies designed for human-centric lighting and living. We also hold workshops and demos on the latest smart controls and standards.

See below for location and contact information.


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