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Light up your space


A frame with an aluminium finish outlines the CoeLux LS Ice system, an artificial window with an elongated shape and a large portion of the perceived sky.


CoeLux® LS Ice is the brightest window in the LS (Long sky) family, from which a blue sky and a sun with shaded outlines can be seen. It is a ceiling system that can be installed individually or in modular compositions.


It has a 10 cm high aluminium finish frame on which the blue light of the sky and intense light from the CoeLux sun are reflected.


This effect gives the observer the perception of a larger portion of the sky, making the surrounding environment very bright. 


Perceived at an infinite distance, the sun of CoeLux LS Ice diffuses a beam of light at 45 degrees that reflect on the frame, creating a slight beam in the opposite direction.


CoeLux LS Ice is dimmable and allows you to set the intensity of the light according to the needs of the user, recreating a natural and comfortable atmosphere.


Easy to install, you can access the system through the frame.

CoeLux LS Ice

  • Offices and shops

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