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Kazzar Lighting Exterior Perspective


Make your exterior landscape and gardens stand out with well crafted lighting.

Our Aproach

Kazzar Lighting is founded on the principle that landscapes and garden spaces should be both a visual delight and a haven of comfort. While we champion aesthetic pleasure, we also prioritize the environment's well-being. A meticulously planned lighting strategy, complemented by products fine-tuned for precision and controlled illumination, can magnify the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Our curated collection of products and control solutions are designed to uphold the following core values:

  • Controlled illumination for enhanced aesthetic appeal.

  • Hassle-free and adaptable installation processes.

  • Superior quality with a focus on durability and ease of maintenance throughout the product's lifespan.

  • Commitment to minimizing light and energy wastage, ensuring environmental respect.

Beyond providing top-tier products, Kazzar Lighting collaborates with lighting designers and installers to deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions. We invite clients to our showroom in Bourne End, South Bucks, to experience firsthand the exceptional quality of our outdoor products and the advanced controls we offer


Wiring and Plug & Play Solutions:

The key to achieving the desired lighting ambiance for your outdoor space lies in a seamless and flexible installation process. Beyond our range of lighting products, Kazzar Lighting offers integrated plug-and-play wiring solutions. From cabling to distribution boxes, we provide a one-stop solution for all your wiring needs.


By reviewing lighting plans, we assist installers and electricians in selecting the appropriate wiring accessories from our collection. Our aim is to simplify the installation process, ensuring that the envisioned lighting potential is fully realized without any hassles.

Smart Controls

A comprehensive lighting design is more than illumination—it integrates intelligent controls. With Kazzar Lighting's wireless and wired control systems, you unlock a spectrum of advanced features:

  • Multiple control circuits from a singular power source.

  • Tailored ambiance with adjustable brightness levels.

  • Energy conservation via smart presence sensors and timers.

  • Curfew settings to mitigate light pollution during late hours.

Enhanced security through smart presence detection, especially during extended absences like vacations.

In synergy with our plug-and-play wiring, our smart controllers and relays simplify the creation of lighting circuits. These can be effortlessly managed through a dedicated app or a specialized smart switch plate. The app further allows for the configuration of time-based scenes.

Smart Controls






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