Perfect control.


Mount Kelvin is an intuitive, easy-to-use building automation system, which features wireless and battery-free switches, a mobile app and voice control as user interfaces. Mount Kelvin can be applied to all interiors—from a tiny apartment studio all the way to colossal office buildings and hotels. The system is easy to assemble, commission and configure.


Perfect mood.

Mount Kelvin control systems offer the ability to change the lighting of an interior space to suit the moment, be it waking up in the morning, a presentation in the office room, a leisurely evening at home or reading a book before going to sleep. It lets you control the mood of your interior effortlessly, making the atmosphere around you, your own.


Perfect solution.

Mount Kelvin’s design and application features (lighting and blinds control, appliance and HVAC control, sensoring, security etc.) are built to be future proof, making our everyday life easier and more delightful. The revolutionary software based solution is ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants and homes.

Ambient Light Intensity

Allows for the adjustment of luminaire colour temperature (automatically or manually) throughout the day allowing for natural biodynamic lighting, replicating the natural lighting cycle of the outdoors.


Wireless Switches


Wireless and battery-free EnOcean switches allow  for easy install and reconfiguration. Moods and light control can be activated with a single push of a button.

For example the Power Tower (left) allows you to change between 4 different lighting scenes, dim the reading lights on or off, open/close the blinds and even charge your phone!


App Control


Effortlessly control the mood in the room with the mobile app, allowing you to create custom pre-set scenes to your own preference.

Amazon Echo


“Alexa, turn the evening lights on!”

Simple and effortless voice control system, perfect for when your hands are full when entering the building.

Lighting, blinds and climate control via hotel TV

Motorised Blinds

The app

Wireless Switches for lighting and blinds

Air Conditioning Controls

Open/ Close


Typical Wiring Setup

Example of wiring set up for central controller with Power and DALI controllers. For more information on different components including sensors, DALI to mains dimmers, relay switches etc.