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Light Cognitive

Derived from Nature

Big Sky light is generated with multiple different types of LEDs combined in a way that the light spectra are very similar to the spectra found in nature. In addition to having the positive spectral qualities of natural light, the visual appearance of the light field is familiar from nature and resembles a view into the sky or horizon. With Sky Player the light changes over the day just like in nature and the design has been optimized for visual beauty by making the light field dynamic, continuously shifting with infinite colours and infinite resolution.



Supporting wellbeing

Light has a strong link to wellbeing, as it regulates our circadian (Latin for approximately a day) cycle and our alertness. The right kind of light timed correctly, promotes recovery and a healthy sleep-wake cycle. The main driver is the amount of biologically effective natural light, the colour we see in the clear sky, or the lack of it. As a general rule, it is recommended to have a bright high colour temperature light in the mornings and during the day, while the morning hours are the most important. In the evening we should avoid cold hues of light a few hours before sleep, hence warm white light is recommended.



Tuneable and Optional Sky Player

All products can be manually set to different light scenes. In addition, if users want a dynamically changing light over the day, the Sky Player feature is required. With Sky Player, you simply select sunrise and sunset times, press ”play” and let Big Sky play your personal daily cycle.

View of Light Cognitive Big Sky Skylight from below in residetial project. By Kazzar Lighting

Product Range

Light Cognitive Big Sky Skyligh by Kazzar Lighting

Big Sky®


Big Sky Skylight is the definitive solution for creating a feeling of a window through the ceiling - without the need for a top floor room and cutting through the roof. It is ideal for underground spaces or rooms with insufficient lighting. It brings a stunning feeling as if being in a penthouse on a sunny day. There are two versions of Skylight: for recessed or suspended installation. Big Sky Skylight is tunable and available with Sky Player.



Light Cognitive Big Sky Horizon by Kazzar Lighing



Big Sky Horizon is easy to install on or in a wall like a painting. Its aesthetically pleasing elegant design is easy to adapt to a variety of spaces and it creates a pleasant view into the horizon, just like looking out from a skyscraper or an airplane window. Big Sky Horizon will provide you with a luxury view every day. Big Sky Horizon is optimal for spaces that need additional light, which is biologically effective and close to daylight. It complements your existing lighting, and it can vitalize your day or bring a relaxing warm light towards the evening. It is fully tuneable and comes with Sky Player.


Light Cognitive Big Sky LIMITESS by Kazzar Ligting



Big Sky Limitless is our large custom solution completely replacing general lighting. Big Sky Limitless enables building light fields of any size, which one can currently only experience in winter gardens or terraces. Large light surfaces have minimal glare and they are immersive. Like all Light Cognitive products, Limitless is tuneable with all hues of the sky with natural colour rendering. Its multiple areas work seamlessly together and it is also available with Sky Player.



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