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Introducing the TRAN-E-CSB-D8, an advanced system protocol translator seamlessly integrating Casambi technology. This innovative device acts as a bridge, effortlessly converting Bluetooth commands into DALI output signals.


With its remarkable capabilities, the TRAN-E-CSB-D8 empowers you to broadcast DALI commands to a maximum of 30 devices simultaneously. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to individually address and control up to 8 DALI devices, offering a tailored lighting experience.


Key Features:

  • DALI Broadcast Mode: Effortlessly broadcast DALI commands to a maximum of 30 devices.
  • Casambi Enabled: Seamlessly integrates with Casambi technology for enhanced functionality.
  • Addressable DALI Mode: Individually address and control up to 8 DALI devices.
  • 1 Channel BLE/DALI Dimming Controller: Provides convenient dimming control for your lighting setup.
  • Bluetooth Beacons: Utilizes Bluetooth beacons for efficient and reliable communication.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of the TRAN-E-CSB-D8, revolutionizing your lighting control with its cutting-edge features and seamless integration capabilities.


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