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New luminaires for the glare-free illumination of pathways.


Thanks to their flat beam light, they are perfect for illuminating pathways, areas of the garden and entrance areas.


They unite function and aesthetics and create a harmonious atmosphere in any garden through much more than just their light effect.


Particularly when illuminated, the wood truly comes to life.


These garden and pathway luminaires offer much more than just functional lighting. They are a symbol of durability and security, and an expression of a positive connection with nature. They transform the garden into a stylish extension of the living space and ensure a pleasant experience, both by day and by night.


Cost-effective and durable luminaires thanks to modern LED technology with a warm white colour temperature of 3000 K.

Shielded Flat Beam Outdoor Bollard

  • Head Type Options:

    • Rectangle
    • Curved


    Base Type Options:

    • Anchorage section
    • Screw-on base
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