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BEGA UniLink® Spherical Garden Light

Spherical BEGA UniLink® garden luminaires for atmospheric lighting in private gardens and large garden areas. They have a conventional E 27 screw base and are suitable for operation with LED lamps. We supply the E 27 screw base luminaire versions complete with a corresponding LED lamp. The long service life and high luminous efficiency of BEGA LED lamps guarantee maintenance-friendly and economical operation of these spherical luminaires. These luminaires develop their distinctive character as design elements in groups with different sphere diameters.


All BEGA UniLink® luminaires come with a factory-fitted, five-metre-long connecting cable with a waterproof plug connector. This can be used to connect extension cables or even five-way distribution boxes, if required. This makes it quick and easy to position several luminaires in remote locations in a garden, for example. The system can be expanded or modified at any time by means of additional five-way distribution boxes and extension cables, and with additional luminaires with BEGA UniLink® plug connectors.


All connection and extension cables are flexible and can easily be installed on the ground, in trees, or on structural elements.

BEGA UniLink® Spherical Garden Light

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