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Plug and Play for Exterior Lighting from BEGA

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden.

No groundwork, no elaborate electrical installation.


BEGA UniLink® is the new way to illuminate your garden. All you need to create effective and stylish scenarios in your garden at a professional level is a free outdoor socket and BEGA UniLink®.

Just plug in and position the luminaires and you’re good to go. Permanently install a professional, weatherproof system without the need for costly and time-consuming underground cabling. In the quality and design you expect from BEGA.


With BEGA UniLink®, it’s your choice: opt for simple control of all your luminaires via central switching (for example, with a classic light switch or clock timer) or individual control of the small-format BEGA UniLink® Play floodlights and garden luminaires – for example, using the BEGA Smart app.

BEGA UniLink® Components

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