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Framing the sky, an elegant matt finish outlines the CoeLux LS Matte system, an elongated artificial window that recreates natural light in indoor spaces.


CoeLux LS Matte is a long High Tech window with a blue sky and a sun with shaded edges. It is a ceiling system that can be installed individually or in modular compositions.


It has a 13 cm high opaque white frame on which the warm sunlight is reflected in subtle shades.


Perceived at an infinite distance, the sun of CoeLux LS Matte diffuses a beam of light at 45 degrees that creates a soft spot of light on the wall or in the surrounding environment.


CoeLux LS Matte is dimmable and allows you to set the intensity of the light according to the needs of the user, recreating a natural and comfortable atmosphere.


Easy to install, the system can be accessed through the frame.

CoeLux LS Matte

  • Restaurants, shops and public spaces

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