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MEL is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality contemporary light fittings that blend modern digital techniques with traditional glass craftsmanship.


MEL brings together digital designers, engineers, architects and artisans in a team with a single goal: rethink the glass craftsmanship to take it one step further.


MEL was launched at the end of 2013 in Spain, the country where all its products are entirely designed and manufactured. Its stunning products has got recognition worldwide currently MEL work on projects worldwide. 


MEL has developed a set of collections of illuminated glass mosaics that allow endless design possibilities. The composition of the artisan glass pieces, their color and the integrated light, make each glass mosaic unique. They can be installed in any planar surface, both wall and ceiling or get adapted to other holding solutions.



The DUNA system is composed by softly curved rounded glass pieces assembled following a triangular pattern. Grouped together this pieces create a beautiful wavy texture of light and glass.




The LOTO system is composed by flower shaped glass pieces assembled following an orthogonal pattern. The elegance of its shape makes this system ideal for the most sophisticated spaces.

The pétalo piece gets assembled this time on an organic structure inspired on Ivy plants. Nature and elegance are the words that define this collection.

A synthetic interpretation of the shape of a petal composes this collection, the PÉTALO system. Every three pieces form a Clover and these get extended to compose a modern art piece.


There are almost no limits as to what MEL can achieve with a bespoke piece. Motion, interactivity and hundreds of different glass components can be added to the recipe of a bespoke installation by MEL. Each project in this category is a new challenge where the team explores new limits to their creative capabilities.


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