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Workshop Dedicated to Helping Electricians Master Modern LED Lighting Controls including Casambi


Collection of different Casambi controllers and switches offered by Kazzar Lighting & Controls
Casambi Controls ecosystem by Kazzar

If you're an electrician, you may be familiar with the numerous challenges associated with ensuring that LED lights are compatible with the wide variety of available lighting controls. However, properly implemented lighting controls offer significant benefits, ranging from enhancing the user experience to helping reduce energy waste. If you're eager to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving realm of LED lighting controls, Kazzar Lighting & Controls is hosting a workshop tailored specifically for you with hands-on Casambi training.

Why Attend?

We are hosting two sessions to choose from:

  • LED Lighting Controls Demystified: The world of LED lighting controls is vast and can be complex. This workshop will bring you up to speed on working with dimmable LED drivers and controllers. We'll delve into the challenges of dimming control compatibility with LED lights and explore the myriad of dimming protocols available. Equip yourself with the knowledge to avoid common pitfalls and ensure smooth installations.

  • Casambi - A Revolution in Controls: Dive deep into Casambi, the wireless lighting control system trusted by professionals worldwide. Its broad compatibility with various lighting types, from LEDs to dimmable bulbs and advanced DALI systems, makes it a game-changer in the industry.

Key Benefits for Electricians:
  • Seamless Integration: With Casambi's seamless integration, say goodbye to complex wiring and make your installations more straightforward.

  • Wireless Technology: Harness the power of Casambi's wireless technology, saving you time and effort during installation.

  • Empowerment: The Casambi app empowers you to create captivating lighting scenes, implement circadian patterns, and utilize sensor controls for energy efficiency.

Workshop Details:


8th September 2023


Kazzar Lighting & Controls, 1 Regatta Place, Marlow Road, Bourne End, SL8 5TD

Sessions Times:

SESSION 1: 12:00 to 1:30 PM

SESSION 2: 1:30 to 3:30 PM

RSVP: (please state which sessions)

Training Highlights:

  • Setting up a temporary Casambi network, including scene and light group creation.

  • Best practices for testing and configuring Casambi devices.

  • Basics of becoming a Casambi commissioning engineer.

Equip yourself with the latest knowledge and skills in the world of lighting controls. Join us at the Kazzar Lighting Showroom and Studio for this enlightening experience!

Invitation with sessions and contact details for Workshop at Kazzar Lighting
LED lighting Control and Casambi Workshop Invite card

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