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CASA CCT Tuneable White E27

The Casa Tuneable white lamp brings unique lighting experience into the home with built-in Casambi interface for easy to use smart lighting. With an E27 lamps base, the Casa lamp offers all the benefits of efficient LED lighting with high colour rendering with the addition of being able to change the colour temperature to suit the time of day. This being easily controlled by the free Casambi app or a dedicated Casambi wireless controller. Casambi App is available on Play store and Apple App Store.


The smart lamp offers the following benefits:


- Ideal for retrofit with wireless control of brightness and colour temperature. Add the lamp to any E27 light fixture with 240v mains. 

- Tuneable white light with a range of 2200K to 6900K for warm to cool colour temperature.

- Thanks to Casambi compatibility, scene settings with timers can be set.

- User the Casambi timer feature to switch and ramp up the light in the morning for natural wake up dawn simulation. Timer can also be used to dim and set to warm appearance in the evening to set a relaxing environment ready for sleep.

- Set timers can be used for security feature while space in un-occupied. 


The Casa CCT lamp is a great way for lighting designers and homeowners to bring affordable and easy to implement tuneable white lighting into any environment for wellbeing and human-centric lighting applications.. 


Download Casambi demo from following:



CASA CCT Tuneable White E27

  • Residential, Hotels, Restaurants, Care Homes, Retail, Reception, Decorative

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