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Minimalist design, rich texture, perfect assembly details and exquisite finish give iLesa-R a unique and attractive look.


95% of the indirect lighting and 5% of decoration lighting allow you to enjoy a soft, healthy and wonderful lighting experience.


The lamp head adopts aluminium alloy die0casting as head sink, which can meet the maximum heat distribution power of 45W, and acrylic light guide plate dotted with laser dot emits uniform decorative light.


Suitable commercial and residential use:

  • Small meeting rooms, break out areas
  • Living rooms, bedrooms, home office/study areas

iLesa Uplight

    • Compact and quality appearance, patent design with rich texture and visual impact
    • Aluminium double pole design with built-in power supply
    • Base made of hot-rolled steel plate provides concise and refined appearance
    • Push dimming for brightness adjustment
    • High lumen efficiency reach to 125lm/w, total 5625lm lumen output
    • 95% indirect light, 5% direct light with perfect UGR control
    • Push dimming
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