Innerscene A7 Virtual Sun and Sky

Innerscene A7 Virtual Sun and Sky

Innerscene Virtual Sun optically recreates the appearance of a natural sun and sky in any environment day or night. Vivid beams of light are cast into the room from an ultra-bright, three dimensional, virtual sun which appears to move in parallel with the viewer.

From sunrise to sunset, our virtual skylight changes colors and intensities throughout the day to replicate the effects natural light has on our circadian rhythm. 


It’s 250mm depth profile allows it to be easily installed into most recessed ceilings and walls. Large skylights of unlimited length and width can be created by tiling arrays of units. Innerscene can  interface with most building lighting control systems and dimmers, including 0-10V, DALI, DMX, ethernet, and mobile phone apps. 


Virtual Sun combines hundreds of LEDs specifically to replicate the visible spectrum of natural light. This means it illuminates materials and objects just like natural sunlight allowing us to see vibrant colors correctly. Virtual sun has no ultraviolet or infrared light so it won’t burn our skin/eyes, or bleach artwork or floors.

  • Applications:

    Hotels, Restaurants, Homes, Reception, Offices, Basements, Gyms

  • Delivery:

    Products are made to order (manufactured in UK) with 4-5 week lead times. 

  • Control Options


    DALI DT8



Finish: White
Control Options


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Due to the current pandemic and in the interest of safety, all Kazzar personnel are currently working remotely until further notice. All Deliveries will be made as usual via main couriers.  

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