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LIGA.AIR.SP.240 - small motion detector

Small motion detector (all in one) – Bluetooth controlled 240V


The motion sensor contains a PIR and a light sensor for the detection of motion both indoors and outdoors. The sensor is IP44 protected.

As a Casambi-ready product, it is integrated directly into the Casambi system.
With the integrated sensors, it is possible to automatically switch a light source, a group of lights, entire light scenarios, shows or complete Casambi networks by means of measured movement, or by means of freely selectable Lux values. Furthermore, it is thus possible to implement complete daylight harvesting, i.e. utilisation of the different luminosities during the day and the synchronous control of the lights with a view to conserving energy.

All settings and runtimes can be practically and quickly configured using the Casambi app.

LIGA.AIR.SP.240 - small motion detector

  • Power supply: 240VAC

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Colours: Housing white, black or grey

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