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Switch on your smart CASAMBI lights by motion.


A battery-operated device that connects to your lights through the CASAMBI app. It allows for automatic lighting control in homes, offices, and buildings, making it more convenient and energy-efficient.


The sensor is easy to install and has a built-in LED that guides you through commissioning and indicates when movement is detected.


Additionally, it has an integrated magnet that allows for easy mounting without any structural measures. The motion Paul is a low-maintenance and energy-efficient component that can be integrated into any smart lighting concept.

MOTION PAUL - Battery Powered Casambi motion sensor

  • No Maintenance

    • The motion Paul is battery-operated, with a service life of up to 10 years.
    • The battery can be replaced very easily


    Easy to Install

    • Wirelessly operated
    • Free standing or easily mounted on the wall via a magnet


    PIR Sensor

    • Reaction time of 0.2s
    • PIR range of 12 metres and a radius of 8 metres
    • Consumes only 1 μA of power in standby
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