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A complete and technical spotlight.


It has three versions that will allow you to play with its different technological innovations. It is mainly  characterised by being a zoom spotlight opening from 20º to 60º with an easy and smooth movement.


It combines CCT technology, and has three different dimming options: from the projector itself, or for more technical projects it has Dali and Bluetooth technology.


In addition, one of its versions has a colour rendering index of over 97.


Available in black or white.

OWWL Technical Spotlight

  • Part Number: KZ26112 and add the number in brackets relating to the options required.


    Colour: White (0), Black (1)


    CRI/Temp: 927 (H), 930 (E), 940 (F), 935 (W)


    Angle: Zoom 26-60° (Z)


    LED: 1500lm/12W (2), 2000lm/18W (3), 3000lm/26W (4), 4000lm/34W (5)


    Dimming: No Dimming ( ), DALI (D), Bluetooth (B)

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