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DRAC is a family of recessed luminaires.


Ideal for carrying out projects where a lot of power and high visual comfort are required.


It has a UGR <13 and can go up to an efficiency of 6000 lumens.


Available in Ø113mm or Ø165mm.

DRAC Round Downlight

  • Part Number: KZ01420 (for Ø165mm) or KZ01430 (for Ø113mm) and add number relating to options required:

    0    White/Aluminium G    827 6    60° 2    1500lm/12W D    DALI
    1    Black/Aluminium C    830   3    2000lm/17.5W B    Bluetooth
    2    Grey/Aluminium N    840   4    3000lm/25W  
    W    White/White H    927   5    4000lm/33W  
    V    White/Copper

    E    930

      6    5000lm/37W*  
    N    White/Graphite F    940   7    6000lm/43W*  
    Z    White/Gold        
    X    White/Red        
    H    Black/White        
    B    Black/Copper        
    K    Black/Gold        
    Y    Black/Black        

    * Only available for colour temperature 830 and 840


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