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Tooting apartments, London

Residential Circadian Lighting Installation

The Tooting Residential project involved the redevelopment of a Victorian commercial space into residential units. The focus was on preserving the original features of the building while incorporating a flexible and sustainable lighting solution that would create a comfortable living environment. To bring more natural light into the space, tunable white LED lights were used, which are capable of simulating different times of day by adjusting the colour temperature from 2400K to 6500K.

The LED lights were used in combination with a universal 3-circuit track system that provides flexibility in the living spaces and allows different areas to be highlighted with the use of spotlights and pendants. To control the lights, wireless switches were installed that use kinetic energy, eliminating the need for mains power or batteries. The switches provide the ability to trigger scenes or specific light groups with just a touch of a button.

To integrate the different lighting types and create scenes that align with natural circadian rhythms, Casambi modules were used. These modules provide the ability to easily adjust the lighting to suit different activities or moods and can be controlled through a smartphone or tablet. A day to night sequence has been pre-programmed to operate automatically and change the light spectra according to the time of day.

Products used:

Architect: Stamos Yeoh Architects

Developer: Dallington Properties

Contractor: John Cirmaci LTD

Electrical Installer: Electricnezz limited

Lighting Designer: ON:LIGHT DESIGN

Products Supplied

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