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Premier Inn Hotel, Edinburgh.

Hotel Circadian Lighting Installation

Premier Inn's Commitment to Sleep Quality

Premier Inn places paramount importance on ensuring their guests enjoy a restful night. It was, therefore, a pleasure for Kazzar to introduce the innovative concept of circadian lighting, aimed at crafting dedicated windowless sleep rooms. Collaborating closely, the design team at Whitbread (the parent company) and Kazzar co-developed a solution. This allows hotel guests to adjust the lighting in sync with their personal sleep and wake cycles. Central to this solution is the distinctive artificial daylight panel from Light Cognitive, integrated seamlessly with a bespoke control system by Dynalite.

A Natural Dawn in a Windowless Room

The standout feature of this system is its ability to simulate a natural sunrise. Over a brief span, the artificial light gradually illuminates the pitch-black room, replicating the gentle onset of morning daylight. Given the absence of windows, these basement rooms provide an ideal dark environment, especially beneficial for those sensitive to nocturnal light. Conversely, as bedtime approaches, the light modulates its brightness and color temperature. Guests can activate the sleep mode, wherein the lighting will gently fade over a span of 40 minutes, fostering relaxation and facilitating sleep.